The modern exotic dancer works in a gentleman’s club. She considers herself a performer and does a routine that includes pole work. The pole dancer is part artist, part athlete. Dancers spend little time stripping any more. They take the stage in skimpy costumes that show the maximum the law allows. They may bump and grind with other dancers before doing a routine on the pole.

Some clubs encourage the girls to give the customer a more personal performance. The modern lap dance, is again a type of tease, the idea of sex. The amount of touching can be determined by local laws, as well as club rules.

While much has changed since Salome delighted King Herod with the dance of the seven veils, much has stayed the same. It is still women using what God gave them to get what they can from men. It is not an easy profession, but one that pays well. The smart stripper has an exit strategy for when her age begins to show. Till then the ball is in her court and she’s calling the shots.