Garden Pests

There’s Natural ways to Dominate your Garden Pests

SpidermitesBesides keeping your garden organic, natural pest control and termite treatment phoenix are almost always a lot less expensive than the heading to the store to buy pesticides. For every pest you can find a natural way to unwelcome it to your garden. A few general ways you can keep your garden’s health thriving include:

-Disinfecting- This means to clean and disinfect any tools you’ve used while dealing with an already infected plant. It’s the same as for any illness that strikes us as humans, we have to keep it from spreading by disinfecting and removing.

– Pull and remove the weak and sick plants- Unfortunately, the weak and sick plants attract pests because they’re the easiest to feed off of. It’s important to pull these when you see them and even though it may be tempting to leave them in the garden as compost, it’s much wiser to dispose of them away from your healthy garden.

-Keep your soil rich, organic and healthy- This is a step you will already be doing but as a general tip, when your garden seems to be hosting some unwelcomed guests, vamping up your soil and keeping it fresh is a good place to start.

There are also tons of recipes you can concoct using ingredients like garlic or seaweed, nevertheless keeping everything natural is the way to go.

What if your Pests are Big, Furry, and walking on All Fours?

We’re talking about the deers, moles and rodents, Oh my! Not to worry, even the biggest of pests have natural repellents. Rodents for example can be warded off by a cotton ball soaked in peppermint oil, plus this is harmless to your organic garden.

ratA bar of soap hanging from a branch in your garden can deter the deer, it turns out they love your fresh, clean veggies but don’t enjoy your fresh, clean bar of soap. Maybe there are a lot of deer in your area, you could always build a fence but make sure it’s over eight feet tall as that’s how high they can jump. A better and more frugal suggestion than fence building is a wind chime. Deers are not fond of the unsteady sounds produced by the wind and a chime.

It’s exciting to find out there are so many creative, simple and most importantly natural ways to ensure your garden’s health. Next we will discuss some fun and even shocking facts about gardening.