Fun and Bizarre Facts

greenhouseIt has been proven that plants respond positively to sound. Studies have shown that sound vibrations can affect the growth of plants. Even the popular television show “Mythbusters” ran a test where they took two greenhouses, one was left silent and the other had a voice soundtrack playing in it, the test concluded that the greenhouse with the voice soundtrack had greater growth with the plants. This means that you can cheer your team of tomatoes on or leave some lyrics for your lettuce.

Earthworms are not only beneficial in your garden but they’re actually organic gardeners in their own right. Earthworms take organic materials from above the earth’s surface and bring it back down deep into the soil. Say hello to them when you see them, they’re the good Samaritans of your soil.

In 1999 a survey was taken that showed the eighth most common reason a person did not like a house was because the garden was too small. This survey might mean that you are adding to your home value by cultivating your organic garden, regardless it’s certainly true you’re adding to the value of your food.

There are many plants used as dyes for clothing. An onion skin stewed in water can dye a cloth. However, I don’t recommend wearing it straight out of the stew.

basil herbThe basil herb plant is one that is recommended to grow in the Southwest region and it’s considered one of the easiest plants to start with. What is so interesting about this herb is that it will actually tell you when it’s stressed. No, it won’t call your cell phone to let you know how it’s feeling but just as clearly, it will grow yellow leaves at the bottom of the plant which mean it is stressed by either too much water, or needs something changed with the fertilizer it’s in.

How interesting and complex these plants are. Growing a garden is certainly a form of therapy for many people but who knew you could actually learn to love an earthworm and discuss your day with your sprouts? This proves we should never underestimate what happens in the dirt.