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So Many Seeds and Hopefully So Little Time

Here I want to talk a little bit about some of the best crops for your garden in the Southwest region, then we will discuss about bed bugs phoenix treatment and the average amount of time until you can reap your rewards.

cherry tomatoes Seven Sensational Southwest Successes:

-Potatoes (As we mentioned earlier, they’ve done pretty well throughout history)
-Cherry Tomatoes
-Sweet Peppers
-Bulb Onions
-Summer Squash

For most of these, by rule of green thumb planting starts in February which means planning starts in January. Most of us wonder when we plant the seeds how quickly they will add to the ingredients of our organic dishes so below is an idea of the quick growing plants and their time frame from planting to plating.

In the legumes category the sugar Ann snap peas take around 56 days until you can actually pluck them and eat them right off the vine. After close to the two month mark they are edible, sweet and measure around 2.5 inches in length per pod.

The radishes, which are a root crop, take only 20 to 25 days until they are almost an inch around and ready to serve.

In the leafy green family, Arugula takes the cake for being one of the fastest to grow, at only around 21 days the Arugula will have small leaves that make a great addition to add flavor to your meals. With a peppery taste the arugula leaves can add a bit more boldness than lettuce.

All of the speedy growers mentioned above are also among the best to grow in the Southwest United States, which is great news for you and your salads.

Do plants have friends?

beets garden Companion growing is something you may want to look into before placing your seeds. At first, it sounds comical as if the term is suggesting plants can be friends and benefit from their bond. Upon further research you will find that it’s exactly what you suspected and has been proven beneficial time and time again. They don’t gossip out there or have loud parties but companion planting shows that certain plants help one another when they are planted next to each other. For example, using two of the top growers in the Southwest, a companion plant for beets is the garlic plant. When you plant the garlic next to the beets it can improve the flavor of the beets, increase the rate of growth, and can even be a great form of natural pest control for the beets.