During the late 1800’s burlesque houses with their erotic dancers flourished. These early performers were not just dancers, they would use comedy, singing, skits, and other forms of performance art to entertain. It was all a bit over the top, the original meaning of burlesque, but soon it became apparent tat it was the strippers that drew the biggest audiences. Call the best strippers in Cincinnati to make your event unforgettable.

In 1868, famed English dancer Lydia Thompson, took her troupe of British Blondes to New York City. America was introduced to a new art form. Men loved it, the Church condemned it to no avail. Burlesque houses began to spring up in major cities. This was the beginning of the strip tease.

For nearly a hundred years the strip tease was more tease than strip. Again, it was the idea of sex. Women would slowly remove their clothing. Most ended with just their undergarments. Being naked was not part of the show till much later.

The strip tease was not the only form of exotic dancing to be introduced to nineteenth century America. The French cancan, famous at the Moulin Rouge, came to towns across America. Dancers would lift their skirts, kick their legs up revealing a glimpse of panties within their fluffy petticoats. At the end, they would throw up their skirts and show the audience their backside. It was shameless, and men loved it.