Organic, What? Organic, Why?

organic gardening Organic Gardening simply means there are no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides used when growing your beloved food straight from mother nature and doing pest control Phoenix, perhaps to make things even clearer it means when eating the foods from an organic garden you’re not ingesting the synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and whatever else may have decide to claim a home on your fruits and vegetables.

Another wonderful way to honor these edible gifts by growing them yourself organically, is to use your own natural resources to keep harmony within their growth cycle. Natural household and yard found items such as the leaves you just raked, the coffee grounds and egg shells from this mornings breakfast, your scraps of vegetables, and the endless source of weekly grass clippings are all wonderful when used as compost and put right back into the soil to help enrich your very own garden. At the risk of sounding completely cliché it seems to truly be the way nature intended, a recycling pattern that continues to grow.

The next popular question you will hear when caring for your own organic garden is “but, why?”. There are many personal reasons people choose to dig in and grow their own food but one reply that almost anyone can relate to is the cost. It’s sometimes surprising to find that one packet of seeds which contains the potential to grow an entire garden can cost around the same as buying a single plant! What’s even more fantastic is you can save the extra seeds that went unused this year for next year’s garden.

Seeds can continue to stay usable for anywhere from one to six years. That’s quite a value compared to the produce in our fridges and on our countertops that go unused and sadly, tend to expire within a few short days.

Let’s Plant the Seed

Gardening in the Southwest doesn’t have to be too complicated, the first potatoes were believed to have been growing between 8000 and 5000 BC, that’s long before access to resources such as hoses and organic pest control, so enjoy the process, you can certainly succeed.

organic gardening The seeds are a great starting point, in fact they’re the only starting point in terms of your garden. You can find the seeds you’re looking for locally however, there are actually mail order seed sites such as with a plethora of information, a vast catalogue of seed options and they can safely mail the seeds directly to you.

There are also seed swapping groups you can join to either meet up locally and you guessed it, swap seeds, or mail them to one another. The gardening community is large and growing (pun intended).